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Harman Global continues to grow its passion to provide essential needs. Our vision is to be passionate in providing great services to the community and general populace. Our mission is to touch the lives of the people through services that are provided across the nation. We continue to improve and sustain on our oil and gas servicing, healthcare through pharmaceuticals, real estate and complete Body care.



Lami Harman, PharmD, Bsc, Msc 


Lami Harman is the founder and chief executive of Harman Global Limited, fastest rising oil and gas services in the nation, with an extension in Pharmaceuticals, real estate, and Complete Body Care. It has its presence majorly in west Africa and the United States. NOCCx Products is one of the Natural Body Care products in the Nation.

The company has diversified into other sectors of the Nation’s economy including pharmaceuticals, real estate, and Body products. A dedicated philanthropist involved in affecting the lives of less privileged through the James Harman Foundation.

A graduate of Nova Southeastern University, with a Doctor of Pharmacy, Masters in Biomedical information and a degree in Petroleum Engineering. She also had her presence with the Shell Petroleum Development Company, and the ACEMCO international Oil and Gas company.


Chief Executive 


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